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Ratero moved into the Coronado Neighborhood in 1979, this means I have lived here for 28 years now. With my business partner Mike McNulty we have acquired 50 rental units on numerous locations throughout the Coronado. Many of you may know them by the signature palm trees as landscaping. We have owned many of these properties since the early days of when the Coronado became a Historic District and began it slow and difficult climb and rebirth out of a period of neglect by property owners and investors. We have retained, and maintained with a sense of pride our rental property. We have not "turned a quick profit" but worked hard to restore and renovate and actually "invest" in the historic character in a long term commitment to the direction of the community. I have worked tirelessly to bring capital improvement both from myself and from other conscientious rental property owners into the community. I have been an active member in the CNA association and worked on many projects over the years. Until I lost my ability to co-chair the Fight back West Traffic Committee perhaps the project I am most proud of is the Traffic Circle at Oak and 12th Streets and the Virginia Traffic Mitigation Plan, not only because it was the most challenging but because it required involving the neighbors as a community to bring it from vision to reality, you can read about that here: The Virginia Plan. Recently I have enjoyed working with neighbors in resolving the problems with the online discussion list and continuing to bring that interest in cyberspace it is my belief that the vision of the neighbors who have worked on this web site project will contribute to build a stronger and renewed sense of community as we continue to move forward in building a vibrant neighborhood with a strong sense of place. Mike and I have worked hard in selectively bringing into the community the "temporary neighbors" as renters, and we have had the opportunity to discover what it is that attracts individuals to desire to live and make their home a downtown historic neighborhood and live in a historic property. I carry with and bring that knowledge with me into my job and into my community projects.

I have made the rebirth in Coronado of a sense of community, as well as a physical renovation of my choice as a lively hood for the past 28 years. And am committed to do, as a life, as far into the future as I am able. It is my passion and also my interest........

So I will combine the human experience that I have described above and combine it with the personally of one of my 4 pound Chihuahuas in the hope that I can offer you perspective and well as entertainment.

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Infill development in Phoenix a positive sign for housing March 8th, 2013 CONTINUE HERE

Shade, Streetscapes
and preserving Historic Character
July 20, 2011
On July 6, 2011 I received a call from Solid Waste regarding the Mulberry tree planted in the median at 1069 Monte Vista Road. Difficulty in collection of the roll outs. CONTINUE HERE


PETER, PAUL AND MARY.....Truth in Taxation Notice: Total Rate Unchanged, Property Tax Levy Will Decrease......well sort of......June 28, 2010

So basically Peter and Paul have decided to shift revenues from Mary's property tax the "The secondary portion of the property tax is used to pay for bonds like the 2006 Bond Program" to the "primary portion of the property tax supports our General Fund and pays for city services such as police and fire protection, parks and recreation programs, libraries and community centers." Maintaining the $1.82 per $100 of assessed value. The amount to be shifted is approximately $6,512,701 or 5.1%. CONTINUE HERE

Property Tax Classification: Historic Residences
State Senate Bill S.B. 1166
January 27, 2010 CONTINUE HERE

Historic Preservation Should Be a Uniting Process
September 22, 2009

Historic preservation should be done in cooperation with the community and the developers who have the resources to invest in and the knowledge to enhance our neighborhoods while keeping in mind their historical significance.........CONTINUE HERE


OPEN LETTER....Suggestions and Ideas for the renovation of Coronado Park
June 30 2009
So what would you do with $1.3 million?  This is a good question; this is a lot of money being invested in one of the prime visible locations in the Coronado Community.  The importance of the community involvement should be at least as large an investment and the dollar amounts being spent........CONTINUE HERE

Down the middle of the road.....
with a solution for reverse lanes
June 16, 2009
Now that we have all agreed to take a deep breath and ponder some new thoughts, here is a suggestion that I believe everyone can live with:........CONTINUE HERE

March Hare and The Mad Tea Party
May 30, 2009
"'The time has come,' the Walrus said, 'To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot-- And whether pigs have wings.'" --Tweedledee; "Through the Looking Glass"...CONTINUE HERE

In support of Planned Unit Development
November 11, 2008
7th Street and Earl. exciting rebirth of a 8 acre parcel that will anchor sustainable posititve development for the Coronado Histotic area into the 21st century. Supported by The Encanto Village Committee, the City of phoenix Staff reports, and the City of Phoenix Planning commsion......council vote December 3rd 2008....CONTINUE HERE

and then updated November 20, 2008 HERE

Final update December 9, 2008 HERE

The Line Has Been Crossed
August 4, 2008
I represent the shared and common interests of myself, my 56
tenants and the Coronado Community. I am not an apologist for special interests nor will I be a scapegoat for private individuals or members of the board misusing the non-profit status, the association or the mission statement of the association…….............CONTINUED HERE
Open Letter....Preserve Historic Nature Of CORONADO PARK
January 30, 2008
Coronado Park has been a central feature of the Coronado Neighborhood for years, since the beginning......CONTINUED HERE
More Food For Thought
January 28, 2008
I would now like to respond to the Dispatch’s “editorial comment” on the zoning application and process titled “Food for Thought” that accompanied the article written about the property refereed to “The Sanctuary” located on 917 East Sheridan in the January/February Dispatch...........CONTINUED HERE
Community Involvement
December 4, 2007
The Coronado Neighborhood Association is organized for the purpose of preserving and improving the life associated with the residential characteristics of the community..........CONTINUED HERE
Residential Highrises Planned For Two Locations on Central and McDowell Road
October 29, 2007
I recently attended a Historic Willo Neighborhood Board meeting which was well attended.  The topic of discussion was the development of the North West corner of McDowell and Central......CONTINUE HERE

Executive Summary Fightback Southwest a Different Perspective
August 25, 2007
If you live south of Oak in the Coronado Neighborhood you should have received a notice from the City of Phoenix, the Executive Summary about the Fight back southwest.........CONTINUE HERE  

The Value In Coronado
August 2, 2007
In general, the value of something is how much it is worth to someone relative to other things. Often measured in money but often it is not....CONTINUE HERE

Competing Web-sites??????
August 2, 2007
I have received several e-mails and phone calls regarding the notion, circulating about the question that is raised in the title of this opinion article..........CONTINUE HERE

Cambodia Awareness
July 31, 2007
Ratero feels that it is important he share this experance with has added yet another layer to the level of his life on earth as a "human being" being human....Ratero travels the world and gains personal experiance that he brings home to share....this is one of these experances......CONTINUE HERE

A New Approach to Communicating With Our Neighbors!
May 15th 2007
Thanks for visiting!  I am very excited about writing this opinion piece in between bites of kibble and the occasional ankle that happens to get in my way while I am creating.  As you can imagine, trying to type with paws, even little Chihuahua ones, is not an easy task......CONTINUE HERE