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Historic Coronado Neighborhood Phoenix

"We hope that this will create a framework through which individuals voluntarily build communities of shared interest and expertise to be dispersed to others."

We realize that in 21st Century Phoenix, individuals have active lives, many commitments and busy schedules. This does not mean that we wish to abandon our desire for the sense of community and well being that our home in our neighborhood, and interacting with neighbors in that community, brings into our lives.

Of course, we canít always interact face to face but we can certainly communicate with each other in other ways, especially in the age of the internet. It is a "new" form of communication, an electronic form, and while we may not be as skilled in this as we are in other ways of coming together, we can and should try. That is what we want this website to be; the framework to do just that. Please, attempt to go and be involved in as many as our "face to face" activities as you are able, this website will help put the name to the face and help facilitate our communications.

Please begin your exploration with the navigation buttons on the left. This site is easy to navigate and has lots of visuals. Feel free to explore and view those items that are of interest to you. Navigation is easy and many areas are explained as you go exploring.Current topics are listed on the home page prior to making there way into the site content. E-Hood works closely with the Central City Discuss list serve a online discussion list. While E-Hood will remain the "static" reference point for information of interest, the Central City Discuss will be the main source of information between neighbors in real time and will remain a point of civil discussion and posting that has been informative and lively at the same time.....that is the Coronado Neighborhood and we love it. E-hood has pulled suggestions and information from the conversations that has been very useful in having in this static location for reference. Thank you. I recomend you check out the archives and see if this is something that you would like to participate in. It is recomended that you begin by recieving this in it's Digest Form as the daily can be a bit much at times unless you are a computer junkie. Access to this list serve is located on the buttons to the left.

We currently collaborate with other historic neighborhoods and have provided a link to a Historic District E-hood site in an effort to share information.

Constructing E-hood Coronado requires a lot of work. There are many areas of the site that still need to be assembled. We are currently spending a great deal of volunteer time on creating the site and could sure use some help! We welcome volunteers to work on this exciting neighborhood project. Web site construction.

This project can lead to connections and knowledge that can bring real world positive change for a better community.

All of the information from the prior site is available here on this site and linked to the menu on the left, you can tell which pages have been transformed to this point but all the information is available.

thank you for your understanding and patience as we have had help both locally in the Coronado, nationally, and even a international contributor........

We hope to move forward with some projects and ideas that will be exciting and fit this form of communication in the near future........


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