Executive Summary Fightback Southwest a Different Perspective
August 25, 2007

If you live south of Oak in the Coronado Neighborhood you should have received a notice from the City of Phoenix, the Executive Summary about the Fight back southwest.

I live in the fight back area and have attended meetings and neighborhood general meetings. Presented in the summary is the very free use of the word “Residents of Coronado Fight Back Southwest”.  This would be you and me.  As the Fight Back flyers were eliminated, and the information in the Dispatch became nothing but a mention of meetings, and the refusal to post any information on this Discussion List, the “Residents of Coronado” became a few individuals.  The canceling of the GAIN event was a further narrowing of the ability and opportunity for resident involvement. The information at the general meetings were just announcements. Not once did any of these committee members attend to explain what was being done and to provide information that may “interest’ others to get them to become involved. While it is true that now we “the residents of Coronado,” are being informed of the “outcome” of the Fight Back, in the last Dispatch and this Summary, we are not being given any information that would cause us to attend a meeting or to even know what was available through Fight Back.

I live on Coronado Road, which was one of the streets identified, along with others, in Traffic Mitigation in the summary.  You will notice that it says that the “results of the studies have been given to the residents who continue to work with The Streets Transportation Department to rectify the problems.”  Now that the money has been allocated to the banners, without the consent of those involved, how are we to rectify the problems.  The traffic volume issues on 10th and Palm near a school were so high that they would have been eligible for extensive calming, but were traded for the convenience of a banner.  I have obtained the signatures of 100% of the residents on Coronado Road, 50 people, in an attempt to reallocate funding for real solutions for this street that is a block north of McDowell and just east of 7th Street. Should we have been disenfranchised? Should we have to be going through this process at this late date in this manner?

All of the funding decisions were made at meetings that were not announced, after the December deadline, and attended by a very few individuals, even after I repeatedly requested that they be announced and that the items that were being voted on be identified to the residents.

Do you feel as one resident did when they mentioned that alley lighting should be a Fight Back issue but was denied because that money was already allocated…….alley lighting or that refrigerator magnet you just received.

If you feel that announcements for City Sponsored Public Programs, in which money is allocated should be an open process for public input, and should require information that will encourage you and I to take the time to become involved and to want to attend meetings. And that the individuals who take on the responsibility of that stewardship make an active effort to “out reach” with that information then I urge you to respond in kind to the survey.

I think that it can be summed up by the January 2007 statement under Blight Issues:
“The Coronado Fight back southwest held a small potluck to commemorate the close-out of the program.  The event was held at the home of a Fight back Volunteer and was attended by committee members. In order to save funds for neighborhood projects, the residents did not hold the G.A.I.N. event as originally been planned.”

Should not the fight back been an ever increasing circle of volunteers and the potluck been large and inclusive?  Should we not have known and met all these people by name by now who are spending the money?  The “to save money for projects” as an excuse to be “exclusive” is shallow at the least.

Ask yourself what could have been done differently so that perhaps you would have invested your time and volunteer efforts into the allocation of $54,000 of YOUR money.

Were you involved, did you feel like you were invited to become involved?  When the executive summary mentions “Residents of Coronado Fight back southwest” was that you?  If it was not then let them know and let them know why.  This is how future city policy is determined.

I will continue to always fight for a more open and inclusive neighborhood until the use of City and Neighborhood organization funds ceases to be a reward system controlled by the same few individuals with no valuable informational outreach to residents to become involved in a meaningful way other than to thank those who have exclusively chosen to be the “residents of Coronado”.
I remember general meeting attended by 40 residents and a fight back West that consistently had meetings of 50 people, and more than enough volunteers…….where is that now?

We need to be using these Fight back opportunity and other projects to expand the neighborhood involvement and to recruit new volunteers to participate ....should the fight back have welcomed the 50 residents on Coronado Road rather than making them feel disenfranchised for efficiency.

Ratero is not happy because without traffic mitigation on Coronado Cut Through Road he runs the risk of getting smashed be a car.........this may please some folks however............

Ratero Reporter

PS this is how I really view how coronado can be "I love coronado"