Cambodia Awareness
July 29, 2007

Ratero feels that it is important he share this experance with has added yet another layer to the level of his life on earth as a "human being" being human....Ratero travels the world and gains personal experiance that he brings home to share....this is one of these experances......

I am writing this message to help you all become a little more aware of the Country of Cambodia.  

I recently traveled there with a friend Jo and realized how little I knew outside of the corners of my mind about this country and its history and the Khmer people as they are called.  What we experienced was a country of hope, history, and experience that is finally at peace.

Please take a few moments to think of the people there and those that lost their lives in the recent 30 year history.  Try to read and absorb the complexity of this past without drowning in blame and finger pointing.  The Cambodian people do not, and they realize that the future is just that “the future” and this is where they are going, not the past. 

The movie “the killing fields” is a good Hollywood version, not much in depth but straight to the emotional point, it is hard to cover such a complex issue in such a short time.

I have been personally haunted in a good way by the spirits of those who died in the prison whose photos stared out at us just prior to their torture and deaths, and as we walked among the fields where clothing and bones sill lie in the ground as you walk over them.  It is from these spirits, and they find peace, that I write this to you and make you aware of this and of human condition presently in the world today.

I have found that this link here provides a begining to end view of the troubles times of Cambodia.

I would be more than happy to set you up twith the same people we "'associated with" in cambodia if you would like to have a life experiance such as this........

Ratero Reporter

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This video is from a fellow traveler experancing the same things.........

And this was our experiance........enjoy